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Aftercare is an essential part of the therapeutic process. Recovery is continuous and does not have an end point. Here at P.A.T.S Prevention and Treatment Services, we are committed to providing care beyond our recommended programs. We do this because we are invested in positive outcomes for our clients. We want every client who passes through our doors to have a long, successful recovery with all of the wonderful experiences that sobriety has to offer. We also realize that health insurance only covers so much and that private pay may not be an option for all clients. To that end, P.A.T.S provides a free, continuous alumni program to assist clients in maintaining their sobriety after completion of the program. Alumni of P.A.T.S may attend the all groups for as long as they like dependent upon remaining sober, obeying all group rules, and being a constructive, positive member of the P.A.T.S community.

Alumni is a forum for clients to remain connected, provide support to each other, and potentially engage in pro-social community activities together. To qualify for the Alumni Program, a client must successfully complete treatment at P.A.T.S Prevention and Treatment Services. The Alumni Program is just one more way that P.A.T.S invests in their community and their clients by providing free support long after program completion. It is our hope that the Alumni Program will become a positive presence in the community and model to others what it is like to lead sober lives. By advocating for sobriety, and by extension addiction treatment, others will be drawn toward the P.A.T.S community and encouraged to engage in sober fun themselves.

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