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​Cognitive Self Change (COG) is a program designed to teach individuals how to change their own thinking. Cognitive Self Change takes an individuals ways of experiencing their circumstances at more difficult points in their life, and uses that as a starting point for change. More specifically, we start by focusing our attention, and theirs, on the internal experience that gives rise to their responses to difficulties: the thoughts and feelings, beliefs and attitudes, the ‘life principles’ and ‘personal rules’ that shape the meaning of their experience and their response to it. We teach individuals  to be objective observers of their own internal experience. We teach them to recognise the connection between their internal experience and their behavior. We teach them how to think and new ways to think that don’t lead them to negative consequences, while still providing an experience of self-worth and self-efficacy. And we challenge them to practice using this new kind thinking in real-life situations until they get good at it. Our Cognitive Change Program consists of 8 groups and focuses on 4 key skills sets.

The Four Skills of Cognitive Self Change


1) Learn how to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.


2) Learn to recognize when your thoughts and feelings are leading you toward unwanted behaviors


3) Find new thinking that leads you away from negative and unhealthy responses and consequences.


4) Practice using it until you can do it when it counts.